Feeling EXPOSED as a “part time” photographer?

Kill Your Job, Make 6 Figures, Love Life

“I don’t want the freedom of 6 figures a year for taking pictures for a few hours a week and then doing everything else I love…”

Said no passionate photographer alive…

The Life of a Professional Photographer That GETS PAID?

  • Work that “flies” by…because you love it.
  • Monday Mornings at 11 AM in your PJ’s with 30 minutes to enjoy your coffee.
  • Spur of the moment naps on Thursdays.
  • Enough money to REALLY pursue the Hobby that you love. (And Time…)
  • The pride in telling people that Yes…this is what you do full time.
  • Working with amazing people and happy people week after week.
  • Have a TRUE outlet for your amazing creativity – not doing the same freaking thing over and over…and over…and over….
  • The “Extra” cash that completely changes your life…and those around you.
  • Killing your 9-5 rat race uncreative job that you hate.
  • The money for the memories that last a lifetime.
  • Freedom. Flexibility. Money.
  • I don’t know…maybe living the DARN GOOD LIFE?!

The Life of a wanna-be photographer that doesn’t get paid?

  • Stupid part time jobs with impossible schedules.
  • Crappy clients. Crappy money.
  • None of the above. (In fact…it might even seem impossible…)

Hi. I’m Austin.

Thrilled you’re here…

But let me take a quick snapshot of a guess.

You love capturing photos. But you’re stuck and don’t know how the HECK to move that passion into crazy massive life-changing money. You might be working 10-20 hours a week, but not enough to leave the part time (or full time) job…and not enough  to tell everyone you’re a real “full time” photographer.

I can change all that.

It was only a few years ago (when I was dating my wife) that I spent 2 hours in a coffee shot and quadrupled her photography business in 24 hours…

And since then…the two of us have been on a mission of awesomeness…building a 6 figure business, and now, empowering photographers to make bucko bucks, and live the life they’ve dreamed of.

So the real question is simply this: do you want to make more money doing what you love than what most people make in their 9-5?

Is the life of your dreams worth embracing? Are you willing to do what it takes to make it happen?

Because time is ticking – and it isn’t stopping.

So you can either continue to try and do it yourself, and spend the next few years scraping by and not doing what you’re truly passionate about…

  • Not getting the right bookings.
  • Selling your time short with “competitive pricing”
  • And spending half your week struggling to earn money somewhere else…

Or you can take the leap, collapse time, and have an amazing photography business within a few months.

But to do that, you’ll have to tell that sarcastic and doubting voice in your head to shut up.

Because the only way to your dreams is through that doubt and fear…

The life of your dreams isn’t a dream. It’s only a decision.

A decision to do whatever it takes and actually mean it.


Next level photographer is an unorthodox, fun-loving mentoring program that teaches you how to explode your photography in every area so you can comfortably support your dream lifestyle doing what you love.

It’s the straightforward path to success, taught by those who have been there.

The ultimate photography business framework for generating dependable job-replacing income right from your photography company…

(Even if you feel like an incompetent business owner and absolutely clueless.)

So if you’re finally ready to be a REAL full time photographer…and walk away from everything else thats holding you back from doing what you love each and every day….

We’re now taking applications for the next round of The Next Level Photographer Experience…

Click your mouse below and let’s chat about the possibilities.