When another business opportunity comes along…


In one of my private coaching groups, I was asked the following question:

“I’m focused on real estate/architectural photography, but I’m entrepreneurial… What thought checks and balances should I think through when another business opportunity comes along that isn’t all this thing that I’m doing now. (Assuming that I could probably split my time between the two of them).”

My (quick)answer to this individuals very important question:

“1. You can’t split your time between them right now, because every spare second of sanctified work time should be spent lead generating so that THIS business, can become a 6 figure income stream, and source of freedom and joy.

2. Once this business is generating enough income for you to sub out the minutia to an employee/contractor, only THEN do I believe its particularly wise to dabble in other opportunities(as long as the bottom line makes sense).

3. Not every opportunity is a good one – sometimes, we find ourselves considering other opportunities as a sub-conscious form of procrastination. If you’re and entre, you’ll always find opportunity finding you – filter it through your own strainer.

4. The key to a successful business is FOLLOW-THROUGH. See your business out as a 6 figure generator, and your thoughts will become your reality.

5. Give 100% to this opportunity, and if you find yourself feeling friction, resistance, etc, then pivot and move forward.

A few thought checks;

1. Is this opportunity a massive win-win for me?
2. Am I procrastinating by considering it?
3. Am I afraid to give 100% to my primary focus because I am afraid it will fail?
4. Am I spending all my free time wisely for my primary focus?
5. Do I want to make a ton of money doing what I love, while working half the time most do, so I can spend time with my family, travel to sunny places, and give to others? (You started this primary focus to achieve your WHYS – don’t sell it short by allowing your sub-concious distract you because it’s not comfortable with how great things are becoming)

I can never think of a time in my professional career that I wasn’t constantly tempted/asked/baited to take on new opportunities.

The times in my life where I resisted, and kept my focus, is where I’ve seen dramatic growth – almost like, I was rewarded for saying no.

Because remember this:

When you say NO to something less important than your focus, you’re saying YES to your focus, and yes to the future you desire most.”

I hope this blesses you and your journey.

Take Action. Break Through. REPEAT.

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