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Offered by Next Level Photographer, owners of Salt and Light Photography, Kansas City, MO.


The NLP-365 Master-Mind may be right for you, IF:


  • You’re done doing the “day-to-day” ALONE, and are ready to join a community of committed, LIKE-MINDED photographers that will encourage you, uplift you, and keep you accountable to attaining the business and life of your dreams.
  • You’re tired of the daily photography “grind”(ups and downs) and desire more flow, fun, and consistency(in both your work, and bookings).
  • You would value building a sustainable, scale-able and viable business, so you’ll have time, money, and energy for what’s most important to you.
  • You are 100% committed to growing your photography business and becoming a more happy and fulfilled person.
  • You are willing to be 100% responsible for every outcome in your life.
  • You would value from a weekly lesson/strategy/assignment and LIVE Q&A with the owners of a 6 figure photography company, who only “work” a handful of hours per week.

A letter, to you:

Hey there – Austin Holt here.

Only Consume the fruit you wish to produce

Thanks for checking out the “Landing Page” for the NLP-365 Mastermind.
(Real quick….For those of you who don’t already know me)

My name is Austin Holt – my wife and I own and operate Salt & Light Photography – one of Kansas City’s top wedding photography companies(5-star rated on weddingwire, TheKnot, perfectweddinguide, google). We take a limited number(20) of high end weddings per year, and love every single second of what we do. We’ve been married since October 2, 2011, and have one beautiful little daughter named Charise. We love God, the outdoors, our family/friends, business, coffee, traveling, teaching, life…etc, etc. (We might be the happiest people you’ll ever meet… 😉 )

We’ve built an awesome business – get a glimpse into what makes us special by watching this video(this will help you understand us):

So, here’s the dealio(Why you’re on this page):


I love photography and business, and helping others grow. I love connecting people who share purpose, passion, and power in what they do. I love connecting people who are dedicated, disciplined, and determined to accomplish their goals, pursue their desires, and give their 100% to life. I’m also tired of seeing photographers become burned-out and discouraged when it comes to their business and passion.


I find success when I help others find success in the key areas of their business and life.


I love helping others realize the road is much less bumpy than they believe.
I love helping others realize they are stronger than they think.
I love helping others realize the power in self-investment.


My wife Rachel and I have been full time photographers for a long time now(Our wedding photography company was born back in 2007) – we’ve been training, coaching, and mentoring photographers for many years as well. We offer online programs, in-person events, consulting, and more. Here’s a few screenshots from some of our current coaching clients(I love getting texts like this):




We love being creative, and we love helping other photographers dissolve the pain of low, inconsistent income, while doing what they love, without having to sell their soul in the process.


As well as photographers across the world, I also coach various business owners, and individuals(non-business owners) all over the U.S., literally ranging from CA, to SC – both on the business side, and life side of the coaching world.


Enough about us.


Let’s talk about why you’re here.


You’re here because you’re tired of doing the same things over and over, and not feeling fulfilled in your photography business.

You’re here because you’re considering banking on yourself(….and the good news is, when that happens, other begin to bank on you too.).

You’re here because you’re ready for what’s next in your journey. (And this excites us.)


Our goal was to create a mastermind group for dedicated photographers – our “ideal client” is a photographer who is humble, tenacious, dedicated, and is just an overall awesome human being, who wants to become even more awesome(Because in this mastermind, we’ll dive into photography, business, and how to live and lead a balanced, and extremely happy life).

Our ideal client also desires to feel better about themselves, and their business. Our ideal client is someone who is tried of just poking around in their photog market; someone who is ready to quit the whole “I’m doing this by myself, on-an-island” and scarcity/fearful/boring/things will never get better type of mentalities.

Our ideal client is someone who wants to become the best; who wants to face their natural design of greatness – of being a masterpiece.


If you are that person – our “ideal client” then keep reading. However, if you are not in constant pursuit of your BEST, this will not be for you. 


This master-mind is not for people who are looking for more “INFORMATION”, but are looking for TRANSFORMATION.


It’s interesting…there are 10 million free blog posts, templates, guides, lessons, videos, plans, steps,  blah blah blah on how to build a sustainable, and scale-able photography business…it’s all over the internet. Free of charge.


So, why aren’t there more successful, and happy full time photogs? (Better question…with all the free resources out there, why aren’t you where you want to be in your business?)


Because information isn’t enough – the life that you desire is waiting for you on the other side of…..


  1. Transformation(A renewing of the way you THINK – primarily, about the world, your industry, and most of all, you. If all you want is information, check out
  2. Accountability(REAL accountability – We all know what its like – the sometimes lonely life of an entrepreneur – its tough being our own bosses at times, and staying the course, alone).
  3. Community(We all know that being our own small(and sometimes large) business comes with less “office comradery” than most “jobs”).


This isn’t another time-wasting FB group that leads to nowhere but frustration and burnout.

Not another secret ninja trick, or epic hack, sky-overlay sale, 10,000 preset pack, new website, new filter pack, new this, new that, new “shiny object”, etc.


To become a HAPPY, successful, excited photographer, who lives and leads the business and life they desire, you need more than the guessing game path to victory.


Sure, you could figure all this out on your own – without us – however, you’re also smart enough to realize the TIME-MACHINE(Learning from YEARS of experience, knowledge, and proven methods, in a shorter period of time) method is a whole lot more fun, and provides a much better ROI(return of investment) on your time, energy, and money.


This master-mind is designed to give you a SAFE PLACE, with weekly boosts, weekly nuggets, community with other quality photographers, accountability, and a ton, and I mean a TON of, FUN. (After-all, why are you doing this if you’re not having fun?)


If you’re still reading, don’t stop now.


Here is our Offer to you:


The NLP-365 Mastermind includes: (All delivered in the NLP-365 Private Facebook Group)

— A weekly lesson(live or otherwise…Live training, video training, module training, etc, on many topics surrounding photography business/coaching – marketing, lead gen, selling, strategy, limiting beliefs, etc)
— A LIVE, weekly interactive Q&A, hosted by Myself, Rachel, or both of us(+ A few special guests from time to time). (Will be recorded in case you miss it)
— 1 on 1 Accountability: You’ll be assigned an accountability(and “encouragement”) partner in the group(PS – you can request Male or Female) and will share a “guided”(scripts/questions provided), weekly phone call, to help keep each other accountable to their goals(This is HUGE).
— EPIC weekly discussions.
— “Marketable” CC given on photos, of which you may post up to (3) per week – Marketable meaning not subjective, in-secure, nit-picky bull, but REAL, technical, and valuable CC, all that points toward your work being truly marketable(sell-able, valuable, etc). (Sure, some FB groups will offer up “free” CC, but come on, how has that worked out for you so far?)
— 25% off our other online programs.
— A “Starter Pack” which includes a time blocking system, goals/numbers tracking system, AND a weekly task management system. (Worth $500.00+)
— Two in-person meet ups per year. (In KC, MO – a time to chat, chill, and meet your community of committed photographers…and of course there will be some teaching too 😉 )
— More goodies along the way…:)


We’ve packaged up this Master-mind, worth well over $500 per month(Which is our starting rate for any type of 1 on 1), plus a $500 starter pack, totaling $1,000.00 of value for month one, all for an investment of:


$97.00 per month* (paid MONTHLY)


* If this is your first purchase with NLP, a 3 month commitment is required.

BONUS OPPORTUNITY: If you commit to 6 months, you’ll receive a “Boost Pack” which includes strategies to get momentum extremely fast(if you’re willing to take action fast).

BONUS OPPORTUNITY: If you commit to ONE YEAR, you’ll receive the “Boost Pack” AND a 1 on 1 coaching call(Valued at $350) with Austin(General photography/business) or Rachel(General photography/business AND/OR Boudoir…ladies…have you watched our Boudoir video? A consult call with Rachel about your Boudoir Business will cause huge impact)

All plans will automatically convert to Month to Month when complete, unless notice is given to cancel.


You, and your future are worth investing in – when you GO FIRST, and invest in YOU, others around you will do the same(invest in YOU).


To be considered, APPLY HERE. 


— We’re only going to initially open the group up to 26 members – 6 slots are already spoken for as I’m writing this sentence.
— This rate WILL go up as we expand.
— You will be locked into your rate as long as you’re a member.



If you need a little more evidence about what we can do for you, you can find it here and below:


Michelle Smith

Bee Wood
Rob Stenger


Is 2016 going to be THE year you look back on and say “THAT was the year that everything changed!” or is 2016 going to look JUST like 2015?


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