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Epic Results In This Business Requires 2 things.

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(Read all the way through this post, if you want a catalyst for your own epicness today)

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Waking up to messages like this is INCREDIBLY humbling, and inspiring.

For those of you who don’t believe you can do it.

You can.

For those of you who THINK there must be HUGE spans of time before you can create and control your own space in your market.

You can.

This person (a recent grad of my 14days training program) has 2 things that have created AWESOME results:

1. A marketable skill in photography(A skill someone wants / will pay for – yes, you DO need to have a skill people want to pay for)
2. The humility to learn from those who are doing what he/she wants to do(Two full time photogs – my wife and I).

THAT is a powerful combo for a photographer. POWERFUL.

The image below shows this person’s results of the Sales Challenge that we do toward the end of the 14days training program.

18 shoots booked in 3 days.

8.18 not posted yet

No paying for ads.
No paying for leads.

What booked these shoots? Building relationships, confidence, creating value, and believing in themselves….and of course, accountability and a few special tactics from yours truly wink emoticon

So proud and honored.

You can do, and create anything you want to. The moment you realize how powerful you are, things will change.

The moment you stop jacking around on facebook groups all day(ironic, right ;)) and get your butt in gear, great things happen.

The moment you understand that you have the HONOR of serving others, and that they will PAY for this great VALUE, you can create the income and lifestyle you dream of.

There are no secret ninja tricks.
No EPIC HACKS that only secret agents know.

Tried and true.

Love people.
Serve people.
Speak from reality.

Goodness, I could talk about this ALL DAY LONG.

I believe in each of you.


You, reading this right now, I believe in YOU.

More importantly, if YOU believe in yourself, the world will follow suit.

They will believe in you.

If you TRUST yourself, the world will trust you.
if you INVEST in yourself, the world will invest in you.

It’s a beautiful system.

Your choice: Today will look like yesterday, or it will look like a new day. If yesterday was AWESOME, don’t change anything. If yesterday could be better, then do something different.

There will never be a point in your life where things will no longer get increasingly awesome, unless you purposefully hand-cuff yourself to your past.

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