So who the heck is Next Level Photography?

Austin here. I’ll go first.

I was making bank with real estate as an agent and then as a broker.

But then I met the love of my life. And you know what they say, the better it gets…the better it gets! She was a beautiful and artsy photographer who loved people, frolicking through the woods (and fields…) and also happened to spend half her week working at a coffee shop for less than 10 bucks an hour (as a manager, too).

Besides love at first sight, a 4 year marriage and a little one…our match also helped her photography business.

Her passion and love for  capturing life combined with my extensive business experience with multi-million dollar deals, marketing and salesmanship nearly immediately turned her company into something extraordinary.

It only took a few weeks and we were off. Our company, Salt and Light Photography, has supported us since. Doing over 6 figures, while shooting only 30 or so days a year, our photography company has allowed us to be there for our baby girl and live an amazing first 4 years of marriage.

After 4 years in the business, and seeing photographer after photographer struggle with the transition from part time to full time, we decided we wanted to help our industry take it to the next level.

We started small to test our idea and refine our content. We accepted only 4 students and took them on a 12 month journey that rocked their world. (You can see their testimonials here…)

The success was so extraordinary that we decided to go full steam ahead.

Next, we compiled all we knew into an mentoring program. This extensive and detailed course will give you all of our secrets of success so you can collapse time and get the most benefit as fast as possible for your photography business.

Finally, we decided to limit our student count to around 5 a month so we have enough time and energy to be there for each and every student to support them in their journey.

So that’s our story…and we’re sticking to it.

If you’re interested in exploring if NextLevelPhotographer might be a fit for you and your goals, pound the button below.

Rachel or I will chat with you on the phone and give you an in-depth consultation (which we normally charge $500 for), that help your business, and in the end – help us discover if this course might help you achieve what you need to take your photography company to the next level.

Please only apply if you are truly interested in going into photography full time (and making serious money at it).

Talk soon.