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Is 2016 the year?

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Is 2016 going to be THE year?


I’d like to say a few important words, but first, I’d like to honor someone; someone who has integrity, cares deeply about their market, and will follow through on commitments, and is now reaping EXCELLENT reward because they possess these traits.

And guess what? This person attracts people(clients) JUST LIKE HIM/HER.

This individual took our 14days program (a mere investment of $297.00), did everything we told him/her to do, and as you can see in the photo, the results flooded in, and are not slowing down.

You don’t need more presets.
You don’t need more gear.
You don’t need more overlays.
You don’t need more secret ninja courses, tricks, ideas, etc, etc.
You don’t need distracting conversations about your “business”
You don’t need more facebook groups

(In fact, you don’t “need” anything…but that’s another conversation..)

You “need” to learn TIMELESS truths, be held accountable, and find out why you’re really here, and why you’re really in this industry.

Because this business is EASY, IF:

You’ll be humble.
You care about people and serving them.
You’ll actually work, and pay close attention to what you’re doing.
You’ll follow through.
You’ll BE the kind of client you want.
You’ll search yourself, and hold yourself 100% responsible for what you’re experiencing in your life.

If you can do those things, you’ll rock this business. By rock, I mean time, and financial freedom, and fulfillment!

So why not invest time, money, and energy into yourself? Why not bank on yourself?

You don’t have time? (That means you really DON’T want it)
You don’t have energy? (YOU are responsible for managing that)
You don’t have money? (WHY not? What if your books were open – do you think someone else could find where you COULD find the money?)

Fact: Every human being sets aside the time, energy, and money for whats most important to them

Do you lack belief, or confidence in yourself?

I have good news: IT STARTS WITH YOU, and you can start ANY TIME YOU WANT.

When you invest in you, when you believe in YOU, when you trust YOU, the world(clients) around you will follow suit.

It’s time to MOVE, it’s time to GO.

It’s time to stop waiting around for the right amount of money, time, courage, energy, etc, because no one is going to make those things for you – it starts. with. you.


IF you’re interested in results like these, shoot me a PM, and we’ll see if you’re the right fit for one of our online programs, coaching, or our in-person KC experience.


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When another business opportunity comes along…

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In one of my private coaching groups, I was asked the following question:

“I’m focused on real estate/architectural photography, but I’m entrepreneurial… What thought checks and balances should I think through when another business opportunity comes along that isn’t all this thing that I’m doing now. (Assuming that I could probably split my time between the two of them).”

My (quick)answer to this individuals very important question:

“1. You can’t split your time between them right now, because every spare second of sanctified work time should be spent lead generating so that THIS business, can become a 6 figure income stream, and source of freedom and joy.

2. Once this business is generating enough income for you to sub out the minutia to an employee/contractor, only THEN do I believe its particularly wise to dabble in other opportunities(as long as the bottom line makes sense).

3. Not every opportunity is a good one – sometimes, we find ourselves considering other opportunities as a sub-conscious form of procrastination. If you’re and entre, you’ll always find opportunity finding you – filter it through your own strainer.

4. The key to a successful business is FOLLOW-THROUGH. See your business out as a 6 figure generator, and your thoughts will become your reality.

5. Give 100% to this opportunity, and if you find yourself feeling friction, resistance, etc, then pivot and move forward.

A few thought checks;

1. Is this opportunity a massive win-win for me?
2. Am I procrastinating by considering it?
3. Am I afraid to give 100% to my primary focus because I am afraid it will fail?
4. Am I spending all my free time wisely for my primary focus?
5. Do I want to make a ton of money doing what I love, while working half the time most do, so I can spend time with my family, travel to sunny places, and give to others? (You started this primary focus to achieve your WHYS – don’t sell it short by allowing your sub-concious distract you because it’s not comfortable with how great things are becoming)

I can never think of a time in my professional career that I wasn’t constantly tempted/asked/baited to take on new opportunities.

The times in my life where I resisted, and kept my focus, is where I’ve seen dramatic growth – almost like, I was rewarded for saying no.

Because remember this:

When you say NO to something less important than your focus, you’re saying YES to your focus, and yes to the future you desire most.”

I hope this blesses you and your journey.

Take Action. Break Through. REPEAT.

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