Welcome to “14days version 2.0”, a group coaching program taught by Austin and Rachel Holt, of Salt & Light Photography, and Next Level Photographer.


If you’ve even landed on this page, you’re on the right track to changing your life for the better, and getting what you want. I like people like you.


However, just landing on this page isn’t enough.


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If you believe in yourself….(Or need someone to help you do that)

If you believe you’re worth investing in….(Which you are)

If you’re SERIOUS about growing your business…..(If not, this isn’t the place for you)

If you’re COMMITTED to excellence………(If not, this isn’t the place for you)

If you’re READY to stay true to yourself, your goals, and your whys……(If not…. this isn’t the place for you)


Then I invite you to consider joining me for 14 days of epic group coaching via private FB group.

Michelle McKean

Rob Stenger

We’ll cover topics like:

Alignment. (In your life and business)
Detoxing. (Getting rid of the junk that slows you DOWN)
Lead Generation. ($)
Marketing. ($ + exposure)
Customer Experience. ( = Repeat business / referrals = epic R.O.I)
Efficiency. (Work less, make MORE)

Nicole Cerretani Michelle Smith

This 14 day group coaching experience will consist of:

– Daily assignments and group challenges.
– Daily photo critiques.
– Community with other photogs. ( = referrals/new relationships/a LOT of fun)
– Proven materials and strategy. (All teaching content done through videos)
– 1 question answered per member per day by Austin or Rachel (Coaches)
– Live 1 hour Q&A at the end.

ALL VIDEOS, ASSIGNMENTS, CHALLENGES, ETC, can be done on YOUR OWN TIME. However, I encourage you to do them each day they are released!

14days Group Training Feedback

No bull. No junk. No fluff.

Real strategy, real coaching, real results.

I will provide for you a new shovel, or improve the one you have now, but YOU have to do the digging.

I will teach you more in 14 days than you could learn in years googling, and asking questions to strangers who may or may not actually care about you(or know what they’re talking about – I’m sure you’re sick of that by now)….ever get tired of spending hours in Facebook groups??

You are smart enough to figure all this out on your own; but you’re also smart enough to realize you can COLLAPSE time, and frustration, and learn it in 14 days from someone whose living out the implementation and reward of these strategies(We are full time, doing very well, and love every second of it).

If you need to know more about Rachel and I: http://www.saltandlightphoto.com / http://www.austinjholt.com / http://www.nextlevelphotographer.com

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There’s also a group sales challenge designed to help you make back what you paid for the course, before it’s even over… :)


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(^^From one of our recent sessions…. results may vary 😉 )


Only 8 seats available per session. All materials, videos, assignments, etc, can be done on your OWN time each day.


Total Investment: $297.00


Fill out the form below to preregister for the next session and an email will be sent to you about acceptance and payment.


PS – I believe in you.


Caroline Shelby Bee Wood

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